When designing a new corporate website,
there are fundamentals every team
should consider.

From the overarching goal of your website, to the images and videos within it, each element influences how your users perceive and navigate your website. However, even with the most engaging imagery or profound content, if the overall user experience feels dated or unintuitive, then you lower your chances of converting your website visitors online.

By providing an engaging user experience, you are more likely to drive conversion and ensure that your website and brand are memorable in the long run. Here are ways to ensure that your corporate website provides a memorable and intuitive user experience for your users online.

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Before you can dive-in to creating an effective user experience, you need to understand what your user is looking for. Why are they coming to your website, and how can you guide and simplify their experience online?

A great starting point for user experience research is hosting a focus group or brand immersion session, either with a specific sample group of consumers, or internally with key stakeholders. These interview-style group sessions are used to gain a better understanding on a certain brand-related topic. Groups are ideally small but diverse and feature people who will respond differently to stimuli. Some may say that chatbots on a website are helpful in answering questions, while others say that it is too obnoxious. The purpose of a focus group is to generate a sample of opinions that represent the thoughts of the entire population of your target audience:

  • Be open.
    Team members should be experienced but open to new ways of working and collaborating.
  • Be better.
    We should all be on a quest to improve what we do and how we help our clients.
  • Be positive.
    An upbeat attitude and open lines of communication go a long way.